Services Offered

- Connectivity to MNOs / Aggregators We provide connectivity with Aggregators or Mobile Network Operators depending on the partner’s need. In Greece where we are based we provide connectivity with all 3 MNOs (Cosmote, Vodafone, Wind) for PSMS. We surrently offer web2sms with click functionality along with double MO flow. We always take into consideration the particulaties and unique needs of every campaign and customer in order to propose a flow that will maximize your conversion rate. In addition we offer DCB connectivity with Cosmote and Vodafone bringing our products to a completely new era of mobile payments.

- Our offers/campaigns We are always up to date with the latest trends on the Greek Market.

Our experience ranges throughout a vast variety of services in either Subscription or OTP model. Most notably we focus on:

- Content localization To ensure that our content is fully localized we offer translation services from English to Greek. This way we ensure a compliant and thus understandable by the consumer service vastly improving the success rate.

- Content Provision Content is the key ingredient for any service provided. In order to provide the customer with a complete experience we offer a variety of captivating content that is bound to pick their interest. Content is KING!

- HLR Lookup We offer stable accurate and reliable HLR (Home Location Register) Lookup services to validate and verify mobile phone numbers. Target your customers in an efficient manner and lead your campaign to victory!

- CCL (A-Z solution) Our highly trained CCL agents are native Greek speakers equipped to deal with the most demanding customer requests. With excellent reflexes and response time we are able to address all inquiries both by physical person but by authorities as well. Our goal is not only to de-escalate uprising issues, but to also be always in touch with the reality of the Greek Market. We are able to provide not only detailed feedback but to also suggest proactive actions that will keep the campaigns safe and thriving.

In parallel we operate an unsubscription self tool via IVR for giving the ability to the audience to be able to unsubscribe from any of our services 24/7.

- IVR Services IVR Services have always been greatly popular adding an extra revenue stream to CPs. There is a vast variety of products/services traditionally being offered by this payment method which remains to this day greatly preferred by both companies and consumers.